The High Coast

For many people the High Coast (or Höga Kusten) is a name they associate with a particularly beautiful part of Sweden, with a rolling landscape of forested hills and mountains, open tracks of farmland and picturesque coastal villages. For others it is the abundant inland lakes offering a variety of fishing or boating activities that particularly attracts them. Or sailing in the waters around the coastline and mooring on one of the almost countless islands for a summer picnic.

In the year 2000 the High Coast was awarded World Heritage status, acknowledging to the world what many already knew; the High Coast is a very special place.

Serviced by the main E4 coastal highway road, the access to the North and South of Sweden could not be easier. In addition there is a regular high-speed train connecting Sundsvall (found to the south of the area) to Stockholm. Within easy driving distance are three regional airports: Midlanda (Sundsvall) to the south, Örnsköldsvik to the north and Kramfors in the west.

The High Coast receives more and more visitors each year, seeking the great outdoor experience. This includes, in the summer, rock climbing, hiking and camping in the Skuleskogen National Park or Skiing and snow-shoe walking in the winter at the numerous sites dotted around the region.

The High Coast is not just a location, it’s a feeling - fresh air and relaxation. Sweden at it’s best!